We all know that you cannot spot fat loss – meaning, you can’t simply target your stomach to lose belly fat. On the other hand, you are able to spot sculpt your body and tone it up. Pilates is a wonderful solution to perfect abs, but it is also great for the lower body in general. 

Many people who are in the fitness game are either looking to lose weight or look better in general, when it comes to the lower body, many are seeking a toned bottom, tight thighs and sculpted lower legs. But how do you get these? We can help.

Saggy Bottom

Getting a nice toned and round bottom is what most women are looking for, and to achieve this, you are working against gravity. One great move for a sculpted tush, is to do flutter kicks on a ball. Start by lying on a ball on your abs, hands on the floor under your shoulders with your legs extended out and parallel to the floor. Keeping your thighs rotated out slightly with your heels posting in, alternate small flutter kicks with each leg.

Thick Calves

Calves can be a tricky muscles to sculpt, as they are one of the most used muscle groups in our bodies daily. They will not take much weight to sculpt – start with standing calf raises either with a small amount of weight or just bodyweight. Find yourself a small platform and place your toes on the edge with your heels hanging off, lift and lower your heels slowly to feel a stretch,

Quads an Glutes

If you are aiming to target your bum and quads further,  a great movement to target these are through modified sissy squats. Start by kneeling on the floor, sitting back on your heels with your knees slightly apart. Holding a bar across your upper back, lift your hips up off the floor, squeezing your glutes as you come up and rolling your butt underneath your hips. This moving will target your quads and glutes and take out any lower leg activation.

Outer Thighs

Your outer thighs may be carrying a little extra weight, and if this is what you wish to target, side kneeling triangle lifts are perfect for targeting outer thighs and also glutes. 

Total Thigh Targeting

To totally target your inner and outer thighs, as well as glutes, thigh rotators are great. Sitting with your right leg bent at 90 degrees from the floor in front of you, palms on the floor in front of thighs and finger pointing straight, lift your left leg so your toes are pointing into the floor with you heel lifted and aligned with balls of your feet. Rotate your thighs, placing your left knee onto the floor hind your other heel pointing toes toward the ceiling.