Every day people are searching and asking for the answer as to how they can lose fat in their stomach or their thighs – there is no spot weight loss exercise for any of these. First thing is first, you won’t see any fitness related results unless your diet is on point and you are getting enough sleep. An accurate summation of where you are at and how somebody in the fitness world could help is by answering these questions – 

1 – What is your goal

2 – What is your training experience?

3 – What kind of equipment do you have access to?

With these questions, you could start to formulate a plan for yourself by answering them to get a better understanding on the whole of what your situation is. As much as you may wish for the “top exercise list”, there really isn’t a definitive one. Not one which is going to benefits every body as we all have different needs. 

Aside from all of the top lists and different exercises you can perform, here are our top 5 that should be tried and tested for beginners and experts looking to lose weight and tone up.


These do not have to be the heavy weight variation you may see power lifters performing with 100 kilos on a bar, you can easily perform a hip dominant deadlift with a kettle bell or dumbbell. Grab a kettle bell or dumbbell with both hands and hold it at arms length in front of your body. Start to bend over at the hips and your knees lowering the weight, trying to keep it parallel with the ground at all times and not swinging around. Thrust back up to complete the movement, squeezing your gluten at the top.


A great all round bodyweight exercise will help to tone your upper chest. With many variations including upper chest and lower chest, you can simply adjust the incline or decline of your body by balancing your hands on a box or even feet, to target the different part of the chest muscle.

Split Squat

A split squat is a great movement for your legs, bearing in mind to watch your knees, these movements are very quad and knee dominant. Stand in a staggered stance with front foot on a box or step. Your feet should be 2 to 3 feet apart, front knee slightly bent. Slowly lower your body as far as you can. Pause, then push back up to the starting position as quickly as you can. Complete all reps on one side, then do the same number with your other foot forward.

Chin up’s

A tough exercise to get to grips with, but has great benefits all round, the chin up will benefits both arms and your back.To perform a chin up, you can either chose to do a close grip or wider grip depending on your experience using a pull up bar to lift your body weight. 

Core – Hanging Leg Raises

This exercise may be harder for the beginners, but can definitely see a crossover in other exercises if you integrate this movement into your regime. To perform a hanging leg raise, start by holding a pull up bar, then slowly raise your legs to the ceiling keeping your legs straight at all times. Beginners may opt to start with knee ups, while experts may go for toe to bar raises.