Many women veer from doing any strength training because of myths they have been told. In every issue of women fitness and health magazines, you’ll likely be shown new workouts that promise the best results ever!

Likewise in newspapers on the turn of the new years, you’re told which superfoods are in that year that can help target belly fat and tighten up your butt.

In reality, many of these things are just fads or myths. Some may aid in the process of toning up, losing weight and gaining muscle, but they will require much more work and support. So, with that in mind, let’s dive straight into myths around strength training that women should know about.

You’ll get Bulky if you train and lift heavy weights

The biggest female myth of all time, and while many female bodybuilders do look bulky – they are training and eating to do so. When lifting, your muscles will get stronger, and this does not directly mean bigger. If you have more testosterone and eat more calories than you burn, will result in muscle growth.

By lifting heavier weights, and eating a caloric deficit, your muscles will get stronger and denser – on top of that, you will also burn fat which covers muscle, in turn giving you a much more toned appearance.

Reduce Fat Spot

The second biggest myth around, being able to lose fat in certain areas by training that part of your body can reduce fat. Situps will not remove fat across your belly. Your body will be genetically built to store fat in particular areas, and we are all made up differently. When you begin to lose weight, your body will lose the fat you currently have in a specific order as well, it may leave your face, arms, stomach then legs. We are all built differently meaning the order changes from person to person.

To improve and aid your weight loss regime, combine exercise with eating better food. Your diet is responsible for 80-90% of fat loss efforts. Strength training with entire body movements will recruit all muscle groups using muscle and not extra calories to support them in rebuilding and powering.

Cardio only loses weight

Running on the treadmill can be boring, but you don’t need to be doing this. Despite what you might have been told, there is no reason you can go without cardio to look amazing in life. If running however is what you enjoy doing, then carry on – you will see much more benefits to doing cardio than when not.

When you strength train, your muscles are broken down and they need to be rebuilt. While the body is rebuilding the minor tears, it needs more calories and energy to make this happen, known as the afterburner effect of exercise, you are always burning calories. This means, that your metabolism is operating as a faster level even while you’re sitting on the couch after a workout.

One plan works for all

It’s not as easy as buying a workout plan which your friends are doing. You might read about 10 different diets and 10 different workouts. Everybody will react differently to foods and training. As previously mentioned, we are all built differently meaning that one plan that works wonders for one person might not have the same effect for others.

Understanding what foods work for you in building and repairing muscles, as well as which exercises built your muscles, likewise which exercises are most effective for your cardio and losing weight.