We are naturally busy people and we spend more time hunched over computers and laptops throughout the day, you may even spend hours commuting or driving, and this does your back no favours at all. At can be one of the most neglected muscle groups, not in terms of aesthetics, but a toned back can help with maintaining functional movement and preventing back injuries.

Your back is used in nearly every movement you perform throughout the day, from bending over to carrying things. On the same merit, the back is one of the most commonly injured part of the body. Workplace injuries occur all too often and small exercises and health maintenance should be crucial, because although a desk job may seem easy on the body, keeping a seated position for long periods of time can strain the back and place pressure on our spine.

Here we have 6 exercises that you can perform daily at home or whenever you are at the gym to finish off without the use of any equipment.

Dolphin Kicks

By positioning yourself face down on a bench with your upper body on it, with your legs hanging off at the hinge of the hips. Starting with your feet on the ground, hold on to the bench and raise your legs slowly at the hips and lowering it. Keeping your legs straight, this exercise will engage your abs, flute, hips and spinal erectors in your lower back.

Reverse Snow Angels

Don’t worry if you have never done snow angels before, reverse snow angels are easy. Start by placing yourself face down on the ground with your arms at your side and palms facing down. Lift your shoulders off the ground a few inches from the ground by engaging your lats and rhomboids and pinching the scapula, now bring your arms up perpendicular to the floor with your palms facing down until they meet at the thumbs.

Suspension Row

Using a table or a horizontal bar, these suspension rows are great for your back. With a neutral grip, start from an extended position with your arms out straight. Pull your body towards the table or bar and squeeze at the top, counting two 2 before slowly lowering your body back down.

Supine Planks

Lay on your back with your torso angled up and elbows and forearms at the side of your body. Squeeze the shoulder blades and glutes to plank into a straight line with only your elbows, forearms and heels on the floor.


Lying facedown with your chin on the ground and eyes facing forward, keeping arms stretched out ahead of you and your toes pointing away from you. Start to engage your back, glutes and shoulders to lift yourself a few inches off the ground. Slowly raising and lowering yourself will help to engage back muscles.

Good Mornings

Standing up straight with your hands on your hips for stability, placing your feet slightly wider than your hips, start the movement by leaning forward, hinging at the hips. Bend forward at the hips slowly and controlled while keeping shoulder in line with your hips, but keeping your back, glutes and hamstrings engaged. Bend forward until you are parallel with the floor and then control the movement back up to the starting position.