If you find it hard to lose weight due to time restrictions in your day, fear not as there are so many exercises that may be perfect for your time crunch.,There have been many studies, that have discovered that short burst of intense workouts can spur on calories burnt throughout the day.

In the study, 3 people performed short sprint intervals using a stationary bike, with five 30 second intense intervals with 4 minutes of easy cycling in between. Although these people were sedentary at their desks or other jobs for most of the rest of the day, they wound up burning an extra 200 calories more during the days that the did the interval training.

They may be a small sample of people, but it is good news for those who have minimal time during the day. Squeezing in some short intervals in the morning or at lunch time can help you to continue burning calories for the rest of your day.

Below we have 10 exercises that you can use to complete your calorie burning intervals. Either stick with one, or incorporate different exercises in to build your own intervals, doing each for 30 seconds.

1 – Mountain climbers – this move helps to strengthen your core and leg muscles as well as getting your heart rate elevated.

2 – Burpees – a fan favourite for interval training, this exercise uses pretty much every muscle in your body.

3 – Jumping jacks – These can be done anywhere and are good to getting your heart rate pumping.

4 – High Knees – Run on the spot while engaging your core, the idea here is to raise your heart rate by running without the outdoors.

5 – Stairs runs – Your home or office will more than likely have a set of stairs, try running up and down to raise your heart rate.

6 – Walking lunges – great to develop balance in your lower body while strengthening your core and lower body, make sure your form is good throughout these.

7 – Frogger – this is a plan to squat variation. With short 30 second bursts of these, you’ll start to feel the burn.

8 – Jump Squats – Start by performing a regular air squat, the difference being that you are now going to jump up explosively. When you land, your lower body back down into the squat position, this is one rep.

9 – Side to side hops – make small jumps side to side, this is good for balance, and also not as heart elevating as the others.

10 – Box steps – Find a set of stairs or stool to lightly tap your toes on the edge switching your feet. Similar to knee raises, these will get your heart rate pumping and leaving you gasping for air.