There are several isolation movements that will target specific muscle groups – imagine there were exercises and movements that could target several. If you’re pressed for time, it is wonderful to have an exercise which targets several muscle groups as well as your cardiovascular system.

These simple movements are five, fast paced circuits that you can add into your daily routine or squeeze in at the end of a workout. They are equipment free, so perfect for on the move and a great way to increase your heart rate and tone your body.


The frogger is a great movement for targeting your core. Attempt to keep your core stable throughout the entire movement, while you stretch your glutes throughout the frog like movement.

Reverse Lunge Kick

Lunges are great for toning your legs and even your abs, this reverse lunge kick requires good form and control when performing the lunge through to the kick. 

Knees and Toes

Your lower abs are tough to workout, through this workout it will burn them out as well as parts of your upper and lower legs.

Mountain Climbers

Either sliding mountain climbers where you use tea towels to slide or your normal mountain climbers, these will target your core and bum as your assume the plank position and raise your knees towards your chest.

Skip Lunges

Similar to the reverse lunge kicks, these skip lunges are like standing crunches. Keeping your core tight throughout the movement it will target your abs and rear. It is a great combination of a core workout and a cardio exercise to get the extra burn.