Nowadays, personal trainers offer a much more rounded service than just how to lift weights or get fit within the gym. When you hire a trainer, you might expect a lot, knowledge on exercising, what to do, when to do them and how to best perform them. But should they know much more?

Knowing about the exercises and how they are performed is great value for money, but one missing part of the area is diet and nutrition. You know by now, that training effectively and losing weight is highly dependant on your current diet as well as fat burning cardio and weight lifting.

Do you currently ask your personal trainer for advice on food? If not, why, many PT’s will have undertaken courses and should have the basic knowledge on nutrition and what you should be eating and what you shouldn’t. They may not be fully qualified to offer meal planning yet, but trainers will have a well rounded amount of knowledge.

Can you trust a Personal Trainers nutrition advice?

Generally, yes. Many personal trainers are walking advertisements to their own level of success. Depending on the gender they are training and at what level, this will determine the amount of knowledge they possess and the level of advice they can offer. When it comes to certifications, without one specifically for nutrition, their knowledge will not fully extend past personal experience.

Simply because your trainer knows what works for them in terms of nutrition, this may not always be necessary to a clients nutritional needs. Giving out the wrong advice is more often more harmful than not offering any. Prior to hiring a trainer, if nutrition is high on your priority list, check with them to see if they have a certification and are equipped to dish out the advice you need.

There is nothing to stop a personal trainer giving out an anecdotal perspective on nutrition to their clients legally. From the basic things alerting them to be wary of certain food groups and to what foods might help with they training, there is no issue.

How to find out about a Nutritional background

Without asking your personal trainer you will never know. Many trainers at gyms or online have a suite of their skills and certifications to have a look at before committing to anything. Depending on the areas of importance, when looking to work with a trainer, ask as many questions as you need and pick the one which has the experience and knowledge for you.