The key to a diet is finding one you enjoy and like – your chances of sticking with it in the long run are better if this is the case.

Many of us will spend almost 9 hours of our days out of the house at work, at the gym, in meetings or doing various school runs and pickups – but how do we cram in healthy eating around all of this?

Your best bet is to pick a diet, stick to it and plan ahead for the week. This way, you are able to shop at the weekend and prepare any meal the evening before or even more in advance, at the weekend.

1 – Low carbs, non processed diet

If you’re looking to lose weight, this low fat, non processed diet will be perfect for you.

A very flexible diet like this will incorporate all of the fresh and nutrient full foods you need to keep you energised and full throughout the day. Depending on your requirements, and how sporty/active you are – you can fine tune your carbohydrate intake.

This diet will include vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, fruits, nuts and good fats, but will also be low in starches, sugars and any processed foods.

2 – The Mediterranean Diet

A Mediterranean diet is an excellent option for those with heart problems and even those looking to lose weight. The Mediterranean dates back to the 20th century, meaning the diet is focused around the foods commonly consumed from that period.

The diet includes foods such as vegetables, fruits, fish, poultry, whole grains, legumes, berries, fair products and olive oil.

3 – Paleo Diet

With some recent press around diets – the paleo diet is an effective method for weight loss and general health improvement.

The diet involves cutting out any processed foods that are available to our palaeolithic ancestors. It is a higher fat, lower carb diet essentially including lots of healthy foods.

4 – Gluten Free Diet

Many people have a gluten intolerance, meaning they are unable to eat anything which contain any gluten. But some people without the intolerance opt to hop on the gluten free bandwagon and try out the diet for periods.

The best way to eat a gluten free diet, is to eat whole foods which are naturally free from gluten. Processed gluten free alternatives can be filled with extras, and gluten free junk food is still junk food at the end of the day.