Arms can carry a lot of weight, and when they are out of proportion to the rest of your body in a sense that they are a little bigger or carry a little more fat. Both men and women can face this issue, women want slim arms to look good when wearing dresses and vests, where as men would love to sport the larger, more muscly arms.

Fear not, but there are a few good exercises that you can look to and incorporate into your exercise programme in a bid to reduce arm fat and size. Not only will they reduce in size, but they will end up looking toned and in turn, your confidence will grow.

What are the 7 Best Arm Fat Reduction Exercises?

1 – Chair Dips

These are effective as they target your arms as well as other muscle groups. For this workout, you’ll need either a chair or a bench – anything which is stable enough to support your body and the movement. 

2 – Push ups

Push ups are an amazing exercise as you are able to get down on a floor anywhere and do them. Your normal push up is the perfect exercise for toned arms and a strong core. 

3 – Arm Scissors

Similar to leg scissors that will target your abs. To perform this exercise, stand straight up with your arms out in front of you. Lifting your arms to shoulder height in front of you, you will now start with the scissor action criss crossing your hands in front of you.

4 – Arm Circles

A classic exercise for your arms, these will help to tone and shape them after several sessions. As these are low impact, they can be done anywhere and at anytime. If you are in the gym, try doing them with weights or if you have a few seconds waiting for the food to cook you can do them without weights.

5 – Single Arm Lateral Raises

This exercise is brilliant for toning the sides of your arm, they target your side laterals whereas the other exercises mentioned above will target the whole arm. This exercise is effective in strengthening your core muscles also and forming a more toned looking should.r 

6 – Half Moon Rotation

Exercises to lose fat and extra weight do not always need to be high intensity or include weights, these half moon rotations are a more medium based exercise which involves a slow and controlled movement. These will target and engage all major muscles in your arms and shoulders.

7 – Weightlifting

Weightlifting is a time and tested solution to fat loss and is no different when you are looking to reduce fat or weight in a  particular area of the body. With several exercises around using weights or machines, the gym can be a great place to try out new movements and exercises. Many women will shy away from weightlifting as they fear it may leave them looking bulky – this is not the case, by picking a lower weight and doing controlled movements, fat can be reduced and body parts can be left toned.