Losing belly fat lies in both a good diet and doing a few exercises. But in most cases, many of you will have tried and experimented with several different exercises with nothing seeming to work.

In some cases, the internet is awash with different ideas and techniques for different things, in the case of belly fat and losing it, there are a few tried and tested methods which you should be trying before experimenting with different methods floating around the internet.

We have provided the best 7 methods and exercises that you should be doing if you want to lose that belly fat. Some may have been mentioned by others, but these are all that you require to lose that stubborn belly.

The first thing you need to address is your diet. You need to pay equal amount of time planning your diet and training as they play a big part in each others role. Within your diet, especially the selection of foods, will help to maintain a higher metabolic rate, but only to an extent. With your diet and nutrition, your aim is to support a high er intensity of training so that it elevates your metabolism and keeps it boosted for longer periods of time. 

So, what are the 7 best exercises for belly fat loss?

1 – Jumping Rope

Using a jump rope with leave your heart rate racing, leaving your metabolic rate racing hours after leaving the gym. You could burn up to 300 calories in 30 minutes.

2 – Lunges

You may have never thought of doing these for belly fat as the are predominantly leg focuses, but lunges activate a whopping 8 muscle groups at once – calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes, abs, lower back, forearms and traps. They are also a high intensity exercise. 

3 – Deadlifts

In a similar category to lunges, deadlifts activate a large number of muscles groups and are a high intensity exercise. An extremely demanding movement, due to the multiple muscle activations while doing deadlifts, you can burn up to 150 calories from 20 minutes of performing the movement. 

4 – Push-ups to Squat Jumps

Similar to a burp, the push to squat jumps are taxing on the body hen performing multiple sets. Activating your entire body and its muscles, the most important part of the exercise is the high intensity. Try performing 3 sets of 10 to start with and you will have your heart flying out of your chest.

5 – Kettlebell Swings

Another compound movement which is great for working your lower and upper body, burning up to 400 calories in 30 minutes worth of swings

6 – Boxing

It goes without saying, that boxing is one of the best exercises for weight loss in general. More of a cardiovascular activity than a set exercise, boxing is taxing on the entire body as it burns fat. Also, as you are twisting your body to throw punches, it develops your abdominal region. A 30 minute boxing session, can burn up to 400 calories.

7 – Battle Ropes

Not all gyms have these, but most these days will. Battle ropes are one of the most demanding exercises next to boxing, as the calories you will burn through battle ropes are similar to that in a sprint session. Performing battle rope exercises is considered high intensity interval training, so it is great for elevating your heart rate and pushing your fat loss period.