When it comes to exercising, we are all wired differently. Some prefer to work out in the morning, whole there are others who’d rather work out later on in the day. No matter when you feel at your best working out, what you do in the morning can help and affect your metabolism.

Many of those who exercise in the morning will praise this method for helping to boost their metabolism, but for those who don’t, aim to eat your first meal of the day as soon as you wake up. To help your metabolism, you should start your immediate day off with a good breakfast or a good, sweaty workout. If you are going to workout within an hour of waking, then there is no need to eat, however, if you are working out further than 1 hour, get something in your stomach, and either workout or eat a healthy breakfast.

If you are a morning workout type, it is recommended that you don’t eat and go fasted, especially if you experience stomach discomfort while exercising – your body is still trying to process this food. If on the other hand you find it hard to get through a workout with no food, aim for a small protein shake or piece of toast with a protein, but not too much, if you can burn off what you ate from the day before, then you’re better off than just burning off what you just ate for breakfast.