When it comes to dieting, snacking could be your downfall and biggest enemy. Making or breaking your diet, you’ll want to keep hunger at bay and still fuel your body. If you snack wrong, you could blow hundreds of calories unknowingly, we’ve got our top 5 ways to keeping snacking healthy and keep your diets happy.

1 – Snacking or eating to quickly

When is comes down to snacking and eating, if you slow yourself down and take longer to eat, you’re giving the sugar a chance to hit your blood stream. If you change these habits to eating on the go with fruits like oranges or pistachios which take time to peel and portion out, you’re giving your body more time to feel fuller.

2 – Treat your snack like a meal

When we feel a little peckish, we will typically ignore standard eating practices. We won’t sit at a table, instead we scoff it down at our desks or in the office kitchen. By not consciously admitting to what you are doing, you could end up over eating.

3 – Focus on your food

This applies to both meal and snacking – you should watch TV or listen to music when eating. Just like standing up to eat, this can lead to mindless over eating. Mentally be aware of what you are doing and focus on your food.

4 – Limit yourself

If you do allow yourself to have snacks, you should be aware of what you are doing and what you are eating. By limiting yourself by either pre-preparing a snack, you can control the portion size or amount of cookies you chow down.

5 – Brush your teeth

This is a method that you can try out to help you when over eating. If you can mentally pull yourself away from a snack and brush your teeth, you will no longer want a snack. Rather than brushing your teeth, you could pre occupy yourself by doing something else and take your mind of snacking.