There is no denying that Sugar is delicious, and is addictive. For many of us, sugar can have a negative effect in weight loss or cause other health factors. Without knowing the implications of sugar on your body, it’s difficult to look at that sugary doughnut in the same way.

Are you eating too much Sugar?

With all these ever changing daily guidelines, telling us how much we should be consuming, have you ever stopped to assess how much sugar you are taking in? How do you know how much is too much sugar? Here are a few signs that your body is flagging up to tell you, it’s time to cut back on the sugar.

1 – Always craving sugary items

This is the most obvious thing when you are trying to understand if you need to cut it out. With more cravings, comes more consumptions of sugary things. It can become a vicious and addictive cycle of sugar eating. This is not the case of your tastebuds adapting to the sugar you eat meaning you need to consume more to feel the effect, but in actuality, it turns out that you chase the high and crash that sugar provides – like an actual drug.

2 – You feel sluggish at points of the day

After a high comes a crash, and after that initial spike of insulin that provides the ‘high’, then comes the inevitable crash. Your energy is most stable when your blood sugar levels are stable, and when you are consuming too much sugar, the highs and lows of your blood sugar will lead to dips and peaks throughout the day.

3 – Bad Skin

Some people are sensitive to insulin spikes which in turn can set off various other parts of the body such as acne or rosacea. S sugar binge can show up on a persons face in a few days, if your skin is easy to breakout, reassessing you diet without sugar should be a big priority.

4 – You’ve been putting weight on

Excess sugar is increased calories in your diet, since it has no protein or finer, it does no fill you up as much – meaning you will eat more than a protein fuelled meal. When sugar is consumed this triggers off the release of insulin, a hormone that plays a big role in weight gain. When you load up on sugar or overindulge, your body is told to produce more insulin, over time, this excess of insulin can lead to a resistance, meaning our body can’t respond to normal amounts and can’t use sugar in the correct way.

5 – Cavities

When bacteria starts to build up in your mouth after consuming sugary foods, acid is produced, which causes tooth decay. Our saliva maintains a healthy balance of bacteria, but eating more sugar than normal can impact the pH and alter your ecosystem. This gives the bacteria a chance to multiply leaving to an increase in cavities.