When it comes to snacking, you can get it right or very wrong. A wrong snack has potential to run a whole diet. We all love a little snack, be it at 11 o’clock or mid afternoon, most of us will eat 600 calories worth of snacks each day.

With so much snacking going on, it is definitely something that can make of break weight loss efforts. There is a right way and a wrong way to snack. If done well, snacking can keep your appetite at bay, fuelling workouts and give you valuable nutrients. On the other hand, if done badly, you will be downing loaded with sugars and fats.

The tricky part is understanding what is healthy and which snacks are touted as healthy, but are not actually. Here are 10 of the worst weight loss snacks you could choose, and some alternatives.

Branded Strawberry Yoghurt

Some of the fruit included varieties of yoghurts you have been buying from the shop every week as loaded with sugar – with most of that coming from the milk and the fruit flavouring. Swap this for Greek yoghurt which has less sugar and a good amount of protein.

Pretzels and Crisps

Packed with salts and carbs, pretzels can be diet busting in terms of sodium intake. Rather than these, go for a small handful of pistachios or almonds.

Salty Peanuts

Salty peanuts are high in fat and as the name suggests, salt. A single serving of edamame as an alternative will be around half of the amount in peanuts.

Diet Fizzy Drinks

Many people will think that drinking zero calorie drinks when trying to stave off hunger is good for you. The artificial sweetener in these drinks have been linked to an increase in weight loss – and may have negative impacts on metabolism. Swap these drinks for water packed with fruit slices to add to the taste and nutrients.

Rice cakes

Rice cakes have been labeled a diet food as the are low in calories and fat free. They are however high on the glycemic index, meaning they will raise your blood sugar and insulin. Instead, snack on a bag of air popped popcorn.

Shop made Smoothie

A bottled smoothie from the shop might seem like it is all good – but when you look closer, you will see that the calorie count is usually per half a bottle. Making your own at home will be far better for you.

Banana Chips

Banana chips might seem like a good choice as they are just bananas. What you might not realise is that they are fried, meaning they contain 8 grams of saturated fat and a good amount more calories than a banana itself – which you should opt for.

Full fat latte with Flavours

While lattes feel like a great snack as they are filled with flavours and milk – but they are usually packed with calories in the amount of sugar they contain. Opt for skinny alternatives with sugar free pump flavours.

Granola with skimmed milk

Many of us will have a second breakfast before lunch if we get those hunger pains – granola is a popular choice, but it can run upwards of 300 calories per serving with milk. Instead, opt for oats in hot water.

Chocolate biscuits and bars

This relates to anything chocolatey, from cakes to mars bars for example – these will all be packed with sugar and fats. Rather than these, avoid the mistake and opt for a few squares of dark chocolate for less sugar and carbs and more satiating fiber.