Whether its a sore throat, slight cold or achy muscles – it will all make you feel a bit down and miserable which will contribute to lack of motivation when thinking about going for your normal run or hitting the gym. But if you still have the energy, should you do it?

The good news about those who are fit, is that you will be more likely to recover from an illness quicker than those who don’t exercise at all.

Should you Workout or Exercise if you feel symptoms coming?

If you feel like you’re coming down with a cold, there should be no restrictions when it comes to exercising. If however, you start your workout and you begin to feel worse or the symptoms are exaggerated, then you should cut short your exercise and head home. Either take off a few days from maximum effort or reduce your amount of exercise by 50 to 60%.

A good rule of thumb to stick by is if your symptoms are above the neck which includes a runny nose, dry cough or sneezing you should be fine. Those below the neck such as chesty cough, muscle aches and sore stomach, this is when to give exercise a miss and take a few days rest.

Can you sweat out any Cold or Flu symptoms?

No, if you are in the midst of a bout of cold or flu, stay home and get the rest your body needs. If you have the cold or flu, you are contagious in the first 5 days, it is not fair on other spreading your symptoms. Be sure to rest, sleeping longer hours and drinking plenty of fluids.

After a bout of illness, when should I start Exercising again?

This is completely up to you and how your body is feeling. Cold and flu symptoms will likely leave you feeling a bit down for a few days. Making sure you are feeling much closer to 100% is advisable before jumping back in to exercise.  For the first few days back, aim to reduce your efforts and gradually build back up your durations and/or weights as you go.