As a runner, you will likely not think about what else you can be doing to supplement and improve your running. Pounding the payment multiple times a week can take its toll on your body and joints.

Yoga is perfect for Runners

Implementing yoga into your routine can help improve flexibility, reduce the risk of injury and boost overall strength. Not only are the benefits of yoga limited to physical, practicing yoga can help boost your mental strength too. When you first started running, you may have had a struggle finding the motivation to go out for a short run – this is all down to mental blockers.

Yoga is perfect for bringing awareness to the body, calming the brain and reducing the false feelings of fatigue.

Downward Dog

This pose is a staple for all partaking in yoga and is great for hamstrings and calves being stretched out. Downward dog is a great total body movement, which for most will help with breathing deeper and more controlled.

Low Lunge

This pose is more about the physical benefits and tends to help with stretching out the hips and major muscle groups of the legs. The low lunge is a move that most yoga fans and runners of all levels feel the benefit from doing.

Revolved Side Twist

With the endless running and pounding of pavement, each of our bodies are different in where we feel the most fatigued and tight. Some may feel it more in their upper body, from the effects passing up the legs supporting the upper body. Doing the revolved side angle twist will help to loosen up the upper body and lengthen through the lower back.

Half Frog

Your quads are the most dominant muscle in your legs, and just like the hamstrings, they need stretching out and cared for. The normal stretch for your quads is to stand and raise your legs up, by laying flat on your front and performing the same movement, you are able to get a little deeper and take the emphasis off your core and stabilisers.

Forward Fold Standing

After a run, this will be your new favourite movement to stretch out. A full body stretch which targets the lower back as well as the major muscles groups throughout your legs, this standing bent over stretch will help you out post run.