Ever feel like you are fitness efforts may be going to waste or that your fitness regime is not the best for you? Despite working hard, you don’t see the results. Part of the problem could be that you’ve fallen for some fitness myths, and not the good ones. We have uncovered the best fitness tips for 2016 to get a new start with your workouts.

Train with weights

Many women will opt to not use weights as it has the misconception of leaving them bulky. It won’t magically turn flabby areas to muscles, but it will help to build muscle tissue in other parts of your body. The tissue will thicken underneath any fat above it, and once you start to slim down, the muscle will start to shine through and look good.

Change your workout schedule

You won’t always feel like running after work – this often results in a standard excuse for not working out. The only way to know what you may enjoy is to try working out at different points of the day.

Make a commitment to 3 days a week

If you want improvements, 1 day a week will not see improvements. You will need to be working out, either hitting the gym or doing cardio to see some real results.

Change smaller details of life

The problem with every diet around is that they are only temporary. If you want to lose weight and maintain it, you’ll have to find both a workout plan and an eating regime that you can stick to and enjoy.

Keep a food diary

If you keep track of the foods you are eating this can help on days where you feel bloated or have gained some weight. It can be tough to begin, but when you’re making a conscious effort of tracking what you’re eating and how much you’re working out, we will give ourselves more credit than deserved. 

Try new variations of cardio

There are a load of different cardio exercises you could be doing – many find walking the treadmill or running boring, why not try spinning or swimming.

Commit to changes across the board

If you are going to commit yourself to a healthier life, it’s important to focus on the efforts and what you’re eating and exercising regimes are like. When it comes to weight loss, the bulk of the research suggest that improving your diet is far more important than hitting the gym harder.


Not everyone can run long distances and other cardio exercises may not be helping you. You should look to trying out high intensity interval training. Running or undertaking cardio fast for a period then resting over and over can often see better results than longer sustained periods of exercise.

Eat protein rich food

Instead of a protein shake or sugary sports drink, you should try refuelling your body with water and a lean protein snacks. 

Stay strong

Most people cannot sustain months or years of training the same, you need to find what works for your body. If you don’t want to lose muscle or the efforts your put in at the start of the year, you should look to finding what works for you year round and stick to it.