With the new year comes everyones new fitness regimes and fad diets they aim to stick to, but here we examine what’s new and what is being revived in the fitness and exercise world.

While January appears to be the time of year to repent for everything you have done in December, as soon as the calendar turns, you will be bussing with enthusiasm to hit the gym and sweat out those mistakes.

For those of us who have overindulged throughout December, no damage is long term, as more people discover the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, the fitness industry keeps up by offering new and exiting ways to keep the weight off.

Hybrid Workouts

Exercises evolved in 2016 to include a mic of our favourite styles, and these types of hybrid workouts are set to continue for 2017, but by incorporating our minds as well as bodies. Meditation is set to be a big trend in the fitness industry this year, with the trend focusing around the benefits of working out the mind because it is just as important as the body.


This might seem a little off, you won’t have spent much time crawling around since you were in nappies, but according to reports in the fitness industry, crawling is set to make a return. Dubbed as the new plank, not only does it help with a full core workout but can also help to ease gently back issues.


Slacklining involves balancing on a strip of webbing fixed slightly above the ground. With it’s popularity around the world yet to hit main purpose gyms, slack lining not only will help with balance bu it requires complete use of your body, engaging every muscle.

Aerobics Returns

Hugely popular back in the 80s, step aerobics is set to make a return to gyms and classes around the world. The benefits of regular dance and aerobic style  classes include improving coordination and agility, while building cardiovascular and muscular endurance.


After watching Strictly Come Dancing, millions of wives across the UK will ask their partners to take them dancing, now is the chance. The trend for getting your groove on to your favourite hits will continue to grow. Trained dancers will walk you through steps to the songs in the charts, not only does this trigger a rush of the mood elevating hormone oxytocin, but it helps to improve your overall dance coordination.

Wearable Tech Fitness

Wearable tech was huge in 2016, this year, the growth of tech will help to monitor overall health, such as blood sugar levels and pressure.