Choosing a gym can be an arduous process if you have 3 or 4 good options in your area. Getting into a long-term relationship with a gym is as serious as a human relationship. Making sure it fits all your needs and is not going to cost you a lot of money needs to be assessed. 

Here we have pieced together our top 5 pointers you need to be aware of before signing on the dotted line and get sweating.

1 – Do the instructors know their stuff?

You will likely get a tour of the establishment – if you are looking to take classes, you know its important to have look at the schedule. But it’s all important to try out a class or two before committing to one. This will give you a chance to see if the instructors are knowledgable, professional and are able to push you. Even if the instructor has multiple classes, it is worth not joining up with a bad instructor as the chances of getting hurt could be higher.

2 – Is there enough mat and stretching space?

If you take your time to stretch out and make use of the gym floor – making sure the gym is properly laid out with ideal mat space. Making sure the gym has the right equipment, lots of machines and space for foam rolling, yoga, and other stretches. If there is a small matted section and the machines are always busy – is it worth your time and money investing in that gym?

3 – Talk to current members

Do you know anybody who currently uses the gym you have your eye on? To get a better feel for what the gym is good at (and bad at), you should ak someone in the locker room or a friend. If it’s the same things you’re looking for in facility in terms of benefits and good points, you have found your match. The same with negative reviews and comments – if they go against what you think a gym should be and have, rethink your options and try out another. 

4 – Is it usually very busy when you workout?

Even if the gym has a great class schedule and is a decent size – this won’t matter if it is super busy at the times you are there and there is no space to get on the equipment. When you take a tour of the gym, try to visit at a similar time as you would expect to use it – either after or before work or even around lunch times. 

5 – Does it look like it’s worth its price?

Whether you sign up for a gym with amazing amenities, a spa and tennis courts – if you aren’t going to use half of the amenities, is the overall price worth the use of it? Find out the monthly price of the gym, then think about how many times you will visit the gym each month. Divide the number of visits by 2. Now divide how much you would pay per month by the number of visits. If that number per visit is higher than the pay as you go value, you should rethink which payment plan you jump on.