When it comes down to it, if you have ever walked into a sports shop you will have been overwhelmed by the number of shoes on offer. Picking the best running shoe can be one of the most confusing products going. It will ultimately come down to the shoe which is most comfortable and best fit which will lead to less injuries when exercising. 

With so many options and styles – even within the same brand, picking a pair which suits and fits you will be a case of testing and trying out various options. With there being so many different options within each brand, you cannot discount that brand entirely as they will have a number of other options. 

Before you start the new shoe endeavour, you should head to your local running specialist shop. Within there, you will have the best shoes, advice and tools to find a trainer which will work for you. Many brands will send their lower quality shoes to larger retailers. One of the best things about speciality shops is that they will be able to analyse your running style and focus on the makeup of your feet. 

5 Tips to finding your perfect running shoe

1 – How much do you run and at what level

How much do you run and where you are running will be key to which shoes you pick. Do you run a quick 5 miles a week or are you pushing 5 per day. The higher number of miles you run the more cushioning your shoe should contain, and if you are only running on pavements you will require a different shoe to those who run trails and a mixture of terrains. 

2 – Size up if you need

If you have found the perfect pair of shoes but are toying with sizing up due to it being a little tighter on the smaller size, you should always size up. If you have ever had a bruised toenail, you will most likely be wearing a shoe which is too small for you.

3 – Figure out how your foot performs

Discover how your foot rolls or moves when it strikes the ground. With terms such as pronation and supination, this will determine the amount of support your feet need from a shoe to help your overall running. 

4 – Take it for a test run

If you do use a speciality shop, the employees may either let you take the pair for a quick jog outside or on a treadmill within the shop. While the treadmill can be a great training tool, it is built with extra cushioning. Going outdoors and hitting the pavements will give a better indication of how the shoe will perform under your own feet.

5 – Don’t follow trends

No matter how good your style is, running shoes are a case of usability over style. Trying to run wearing shoes which are designed for working out or fashion will leave you in trouble and a host of injuries. 

You need to remember, when you are picking the right shoe for you, test out a number of shoes and get into a shop to take shoes for a test run and to see how they actually feel on your feet.