With a new year, comes new diets, resolutions and health kicks that people are determined to hold up. When it comes to healthy eating, preparation is key to the success. It has been found that those who spend time preparing and cooking meals at home is linked to better dietary habits. The number one reason why people chose to meal prep is down to the convenience of not having to prepare 3 meals a day.

With meal prepping, you can plan and prepare you meals well in advance and make healthy choices. Instead of picking up a sandwich at lunch or takeaway in the evening, preparing you’re meals will not only be far less calories, but will be just as easy to heat up and eat.

All that is needed when meal prepping is to have a few tupperware of different sizes and a plan of which meats, veggies, meals you will be eating that week – all of which can be done within an hour on Sunday night. Here is out 8 meal prep ideas and tips to fulfilling your healthy eating plan in 2017.

Don’t just use one seasoning

Using the same cooking dish, save time and space in the dishwasher by using the same dish with aluminium dividers to season the same cuts of chicken with different flavours.

Freeze your morning smoothies

If you don’t have the time in the mornings to be measuring out your smoothie, why not save time by buying the ingredients in bulk, blending it all up and freezing small portions in muffin or small tins. Each morning you need a smoothie in the morning, remove two or three of your frozen cups and add to the blender or left to defrost the night before.

Hard boil eggs in the oven

Eggs are an excellent source of protein, vitamins A, B and healthy fats, meaning they should be a staple. To make a large load of eggs, place each into a muffin slot and bake for 30 minutes.

Spiralize raw vegetables

Do you ever get tired of chopping up vegetables in the week, try spiralling noodles from Corgette, Zucchini or Butternut Squash which will stay fresh in the fridge for 3-5 days.

Make portions clear

To steal clear of overeating, portion out your nuts, crisps, vegetables or favourite snacks into plastic bags or tupperware for each meal or snack. Rather than eating from a full bag of nuts, having a snack size version will stop you from over snacking.

Bag up smoothie ingredients

Many shops will now sell pre made smoothie packs for you to throw in the blender, this can be easily done yourself by weighing out your portions ahead of time before blending when needed.

Make protein balls

Protein is essential for muscle recovery and after a tough workout it will keep the hunger thoughts away. Instead of eating a protein bar which may be full of sugar and loaded with extras, try making your own healthier protein balls and storing them in the fridge for snacking on later.

Skewer meats for quick prep

Using skewers to cook and prepare are a quick weigh of keeping a handle on your portions. For example, a good four ounces of chicken has 36 grams of protein while salmon has 34 – whipping up a batch by preparing skewers in advance and throwing in the oven with your seasoning on can help to keep a handle on healthy eating after the gym or workout.