Many men are reluctant to onboard new areas to their beauty regime as it passes the stigma of their feminine side on to them. However, in 2016 those days are gone, most men are taking to skin care and other beauty regimes similar to their female partners. 

Many men fear adding to their daily routine could be time consuming, but it is not as time consuming as feared. We’ve rounded up a few tips and pointers to get you started to save you even more time.

Before you start

Test the Water

Knowing your skin type is the first place to start, knowing what is ideal for your skin type can ensure you have no reactions and the product will work for you. Known as the tissue test, wash your face with a mild cleanser, pat dry then wait five minutes. Place a facial tissue on your face for a few minutes, once removed, if it is dry, you are on the dry to sensitive side. However, if there is oil, you have oily skin. Now you will be able to by a product accordingly.

Buy your own

Your skin type may be similar to a family member or partner, so you simply just use a dab of their’s when you can. In this case, sharing is not caring as men and women skin are different – being tougher and having more oily glands than female skin.

Try out a new regime for 2 days at least

If you were to visit a dermatologist, they would recommend at least 2 days of washing your face twice a day. Many men in their 20’s will need this most as their skin will be more silly than those slightly older. If you wash your face in the morning and at night, this helps to keep your skin at a good level of cleanliness.

Exfoliate as well

Many shaving gels and products are great for this – you might notice that skin where shaved is much smoother than the areas untouched. To help out the rest of the skin on your face, you should aim to buy an exfoliated to help with this and do it anywhere from twice a week.

Many men, won’t care for this type of regime to be included in their daily routine, but it can help with looking stressed and tired and also combat ageing skin when you get a bit older. Do you have an extensive skin care regime or will you be taking any of this on board?