You’ll know the feeling all too well. Once you have a craving on your mind, it is pretty hard to think about anything else until you satisfy it, but did you know cravings mean that your body is actually thinking something else?

What do cravings crave?

Most people have a sweet tooth, meaning we think we crave processed sugars, but you’re body is actually searching for something else such as carbon, phosphorus, sulphur and chromium. These are all required by your body for cell processing for example. Your body needs carbon for a process called cellular respiration which releases the energy that your body stores. To get more carbon, try eating more fresh fruit.

When your body is craving more chromium this means your blood sugar levels are usually lower. Within your body ecosystem, chromium is vital for breaking down and using fat, carbs and protein. To get a bit more chromium in your diet, aim to eat more broccoli, grapes, cheese, dried beans and chicken.

Phosphorus makes sure that your bones and muscles stay strong and healthy and helps your body to repair itself. If you have too much or too little phosphorus in your body you could start having adverse issues such as heart problems and low levels of energy. To get more phosphorus in your diet, aim to eat more beef, liver, poultry, fish eggs, nuts and dairy products.

But I crave bread?

Many of us have cravings for breads as opposed to sweets and snacks, but this is your body actually looking for nitrogen.

Within our bodies, nitrogen is an essential protein building block, and is used for building and repairing muscles, skin, blood, hair and DNA. Nitrogen is crucial for the production of new cells meaning it is essential for growth.

Beat a Fatty Food Craving

If you have a craving for fatty foods such as crisps, bacon or other fried foods, you body is wanting an uptake of calcium.

Essential for bone health and growth, there is a lot more sources of calcium that drinking milk – these include broccoli, kale, legumes, cheese and sesame seeds.

Cure Coffee Cravings

Most of us will require a cup or two coffee in the morning to kick start the body. But coffee doesn’t necessarily mean you are craving caffeine. Your body is actually looking for more sulphur, sodium, iron and phosphorus.

Understandably, phosphorus relates to having low levels of energy, but this can be sorted by eating more beef, liver, poultry, fish or eggs. Sodium on the other side helps to maintain normal blood pressure and balance your body’s fluids.

Satisfying Salty Cravings

When your body is craving some sort of salty food, this often means your body is looking for more chloride.  Chloride works in your body by binding together other chemical elements to form salts and used to keep your body’s fluids in check. Get more chloride by eating raw goats milk, fish and unrefined sea salt.