With all our New Year’s resolutions now a few days old, it will come as no shock that fitness and health will be at the top of most lists. When it comes down to getting into shape for the new year, most of us start with the best intentions but soon after lose motivation or struggle to keep track.

Luckily, nowadays there are a plethora of large and small tech firms developing apps to help that are just a click away. Whether you want to try yoga or want to get abs, we have put together a list of apps you should be taking a look at for those new year resolutions.

Couch to 5K® – Available on IOS and Android

This is one for those looking for a start – and this award-winning app creates a nine-week plan that aims to have you able to run 5K in just 30 minutes. There is no gruelling schedule to this as it is for beginners, it aims for you to run three times a week, and provides a simple and effective way to ease yourself into a regular workout routine.

Jefit – Available on IOS and Android

Available for free, but with pro and premium features, Jefit is great because it can offer personalised workout routines by diligently tracking all workouts by time, reps and weight. It offers a very data and statistical view into your workouts, and of all the workout apps available it offers the most comprehensive library of workouts with videos and pictures to help you out.

MyFitnessPal – Available on IOS and Android

Ask anyone who is tracking their meals and there is a very good chance that they are using MyFitnessPal to count their calories. There are plenty of apps available out there to track your diet, but MyFitnessPal excels because it relies on a very large database of food items that have been added to be its users over the years.

Yoga App – Daily Yoga – Available on IOS and Android

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a practiced yogi, Daily Yoga has routines that cater to every level. There’s a wide range of different plans, from classes tailored for runners, to easy routines to help you tone up. The endless list of classes will have you feeling like you’re carrying a yoga studio right in your pocket.

RunKeeper – Available on IOS and Android

This is one that all runners should be using – Runkeeper helps you look after everything you need to on your runs. Using GPS, RunKeeper tracks how far you’ve run, as well as giving you audio updates throughout your run such as your pace, or the amount of time you’ve been active. Through the app, you can also choose from a variety of challenges to push you even further and can compete in for prizes, to help you stay motivated.

Strava – Available on IOS and Android

Strava is to cyclists, as Runkeeper is to runners. Strava is often touted as the best and go to app for cyclists, it uses GPS to help you track your rides, including details such as distance covered and the speed at which you cycled.