There are going to be those times during your workout regime when you just want to give up and take a day off. You may have had a long energy zapping day at work or your overall enthusiasm for staying fit and exercising is starting to flag a bit. It’s essential to have some tricks and follow in other peoples footsteps to draw upon when such days may pop up and they will allow you to stay or get back on track swiftly.

Focus on the good times

It’s easy to remember the hard times but hard to remember the good. If you are able to tap into those memories of good, or successful periods of your training this can help to spur you on.

Use visualisations

Keep in mind your overall goals, defined at the start of your exercise program – if this is via photo documentation of your progress, so be it. Imagine a time when you were feeling great, if you are looking to achieve a certain figure – try to visualise it when you are feeling demotivated.

Keep a diary

A great motivator for staying fit and keeping in line, is to write your notes in a diary. Leaving notes alongside each workout to say whether it was hard, easy etc, this will allow you to identify when times were harder or when you felt your best to go back and visualise motivation.

Get some fresh air before working out

After a long day in the office you may be feeling lethargic, stepping outdoor and taking in some fresh air may revigorate you. Taking your exercise outdoor as opposed to staying in the gym could also give you a much needed pick me up in energy.

Refresh your music

If music is a big motivator in your runs or workouts, try a new playlist. Using Spotify or Apple Music there are plenty of pre populated playlists to chose from. 

Reward yourself

If you find yourself making progress daily or weekly, this can sometimes be demotivating as you are unable to repay yourself. With all the improvements being made, you are able to reward yourself with a bit of cake or a massage to reward all of your efforts