If you ever feel as though you are drinking too much or you need to cut back on that extra pint or glass of wine to benefit your health, it may be easy for some, but harder for others. Small changes can make a big difference in reducing your alcohol consumption. If one approach doesn’t work for you, try another – whatever strategy you opt for, give them a fair chance.

Seeking professional help may be a last resort when it involves alcohol, but there are numerous strategies and small wins to attempt first. Here is our tips to giving it up and a few small strategies –

  • Keep track of what you drink – keeping track of how much you drink from day to day can be a way of noting if you are too high. Make a marking in a notebook or on a calendar stating how much you drank on a given day. This can often work as a shock tactic for some, when they realise the amount they drink.
  • Count and measure – If you are aware of the standard drink sizes you’ll be able to count your drinks accurately. If you are over pouring or measuring incorrectly this can result in over drinking.
  • Set goals – To cut down on what you consume, try setting goals for days when you will drink and those you don’t and also a number of weekly measurements. 
  • Have food when you drink – drinking on an empty stomach is not good, eat some food so that the alcohol is absorbed into your system more slowly.
  • How will you handle urges – Remind yourself of the reasons why you are cutting down, by writing a note somewhere or telling someone you trust to keep an eye on you. A great way of handling urges is to find an alternative such as exercise or a hobby that will distract you mind and handle urges. 
  • Know when to say “no” – You are most likely to be offered a drink when you least need one. Plan your “no” so that you do not feel obliged to always say yes.

Benefits of Cutting Alcohol down

After all this effort to quit you may be wondering, why? The benefits of cutting out alcohol can be huge. After a month or so of cutting down or cutting out alcohol you will see vast results from weight loss to better breathing. Next we have the top 5 benefits that should give you the extra impotence to act upon the amount of alcohol you drink.

Lose weight without trying hard – In the first months of change your weight could drop quite significantly. Due to the extra calories consumed around drinking alcohol including the calories in the beverages, adding all these small wins up will result in a steady weight loss. 

Overall health benefits – Your skin will start to improve and you will feel much fresher without alcohol. The natural detox of cleansing your system of alcohol will feel amazing, when you give up alcohol you will see your cholesterol lower, weight drop and glucose levels drop. 

Better sleep and more energy – if you struggle to sleep, alcohol could be the reason. Cutting out alcohol could see you through the night and awake fresh as a daisy with no hangover. With better sleep comes higher levels of energy and feeling less sluggish.

Overall happiness – After reducing alcohol and reaping the benefits in health and overall life that it could have, this will naturally increase your happiness levels.