Living in your gut are trillions of microorganisms, which play a role in almost every aspect of health, including digestion, immunity, fat storage and a healthy heart.

Aside from health factors, studies suggest having a healthy gut can aid in clearing skin up including acne and eczema, which in turn may make you less susceptible to depression, stress and anxiety. 

As with most other things in life, it is all about a healthy balance – having the good bacteria outweighing the bad bacteria, if it is thrown off kilter, it can lead to a compromised immune system, inflammation and more fat storage.

How doI get more Good Bacteria?

Unfortunately it is not as simple as letting good bacteria overpower the bad bacteria. There is a lot of factors out of your power for a healthy gut and they can include things such as, where you are from and your personal lifestyle. The one certain way of influencing your gut health, is through what you eat and drink.

There are foods in which you should eat and doctors will recommend that will boost your gut’s health. in order to cut down on the bad bacteria also, you will be warned to avoid certain type son food and various food groups.

What to avoid for a Healthy Gut

1 – Meats and Poultry

When sick, we all take a course of antibiotics – these don’t discriminate between the good and the bad bacteria, they go after both. Consuming antibiotics when you don’t need to take them can do serious damage to your gut health. If you consume a lot of meat and poultry that has been treated with antibiotics, your gut is now getting exposed to extra antibiotics, which can throw off your gut. 

2 – Artificial Sweeteners

If you are on a diet and thought that artificial sugar was a god send, you should think again. Sucralose which is found in many sweeteners can significantly alter the balance of bacteria in your gut. To sweeten your food and drinks up a little there are many alternatives to sweeteners.

3 – Genetically Modified Soy

Regular soy is good for you, on the other hand, genetically modified soy is something to avoid as the could be grown via GMO.GMO crops and foods may have had a herbicide used which has been shown to kill off many of the beneficial gut bacteria. 

If you have been eating any of the above products in abundance, don’t worry. It’s never too late to make a change to your diet. If you have been experiencing digestive issues and bloating or fatigue, these are signs your gut could be healthier and needs to be balanced out. Get your balance back on point by cutting out the above foods, and adding in beneficial foods such as a probiotic supplement and natural foods.