We live in a world of grabbing a quick snack is the norm – with busy lives, we opt for a quick snack rather than healthy. Wouldn’t it be great if our bodies used up the fat we have stored? 

One major reason why it doesn’t, is due to our diets, when consuming starch and refined sugars these enter the bloodstream causing sugar spikes.

Your body will produce the hormone insulin to drive the sugar from your bloodstream into cells, but over time, excessive levels of insulin can make your muscles lose sensitivity to the hormone – which leads to heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Reducing the amount of refined sugar we consume is part of most diets going – people resort to removing these bad carbs. In order to successfully climate sugar and ways around this predicament, you should start with our great tips.

Have a Fatty (not sugary) Snack

If you eat a fatty meal 15 minutes prior to eating a meal, you will remain fuller for longer. At the outlet to your stomach is a ring, this is called the pyloric valve and it regulates the speed at which food leaves your stomach and enters the small intestine. Fat will trigger this muscular to slow down, in turn slowing digestion.

Have a meal with a portion of Salas

If you eat a salad, this will soak up starch and sugar that you consume. Soluble fibre from vegetables such as beans, carrots, apples and oranges will expand like a sponged trap starch and sugars as the flush through your intestines. 

Have more Protein

With protein, you won’t secrete as much insulin.  Protein contains glucose, which triggers a first phase insulin response acting fast, keeping your blood sugar from rising too high. It will reduce the total amount of insulting you need to handle in a meal.

Eat cooked veggies

You will digest cooked veggies slowly – both fruits and vegetables contain soluble finer. Vegetables will make better sugar blockers, compared to fruit as they have more finer and less sugar. Cooking your vegetable until they are well cooked and soggy will saturate the soluble finer, filling it with water allowing it to absorb the sugar and starch.

Save sweets and treats for dessert

If you were to eat a treat on an empty stomach, there is nothing to impede the sugar from racing to your blood stream and causing a spike. If you confine sugary snacks after a meal, the fat, finer and protein will provide in built protection.