Before you, or even a personal trainer creates an effective exercise program tailored to your, it’s crucial to understand what your body needs and what the current situation is. The number one way of tracking progress is through weight, BMI and any other measurements in terms of hips and waist. Understanding your frame will also allow you to understand what the outcomes could show if you have a successful diet or exercise regime outcome. 

Weigh yourself regularly

Once you start exercising, your body will start to change. Your body weight will be a useful point of reference if one of your aims is to lose weight. It must be noted that, decreasing weight may not naturally see a smaller was it or hips, you may be building muscle to areas as well as dropping fat. To get the most accurate result, weigh yourself in the morning and continue to use this time from there on in to keep consistency, 

Understand and workout out your BMI

This is an approximate measure of whether you are within healthy ranges for your height. To work out your BMI = weight in kg / height in meters squared. Once your have a score, check your category you fall under – below 18.5 = underweight / 18.5 – 24.9 means you are on target / over 25 means that you are overweight for your height.

Knowing your body type

If you aren’t sure what your body type is we have all of the different types below. Based on your body’s proportions, this can help you decide which workouts will be most beneficial to you. 

  • Apple – These type of people store most of their fat around their mid-section. For this type of body type, you will see results from fat burning and cardio intense workouts to define your mid sections. 
  • Pear – This type of body will store most of their fat in their hips, thighs and bum. Again, this body type will require a good amount of cardio to target the lower body and burn fat.
  • Hourglass – The hourglass type is the most desirable, with a tucked in waist and curvy figure, this requires a well balanced diet and exercise regime to maintain it.
  • Ruler – This type can be quite self explanatory – slim, lean and straight bodies fall into this category.