Our brain is a muscle which is constantly being used. Many of us go to the gym to keep our other muscles in shape, but what do we do for our brain other than work it hard? In order to keep them in shape, train them or stimulate your brain muscles, here are our top 7 things or sites to use.

1 – Sudoku

You are probably familiar with Sudoku, this number puzzle game requires you filling up a grid of numbers. Most people who play Sudoku find that it is a fun and addictive game, plus it can also help improve your problem-solving skills and not only overall brain health.

2 – Practice Simple Maths Daily

Perhaps you struggled at Maths when at school, numbers may not have been your thing. While it may have seemed a struggle at school, it was excellent practice that you can still make use of now. While it’s easy enough to create your own Mad Math Minute worksheets, since you’re basically just writing out a bunch of simple math problems on a piece of paper

3 – Write, don’t type

With all of the hours we spend at our desk and computer, we are reliant on using our keyboards. If you begin to write things down, it will be a new way of acquiring knowledge. Writing longhand allows your brain to act as a filtering system processing what you are actively focusing on at that minute – writing.

4 – Tell yourself stories – talk to yourself

Storytelling cane be a good way to exercise your brain. First of all, it makes things easier to remember because it puts what you want to remember in a more compelling framework. It gives you a chance to focus on important details and associate emotion with what you’re trying to remember. 

5 – Luminosity

This web app can provide a specialised brain training function to you, it can be used for free, but there are premium accounts available. 

6 – Wikipedia – Random

Wikipedia Random is a simple function on the site where they will randomly produce a wikipedia article. This is great training for your brain as it provides new topics you may have never heard of or thought to look up.

7 – Exercise and Eat Well

While probably a little obvious (and something we’ve previously noted), I’d bet that the number of people who believe this is common knowledge is very close to the number of people who don’t follow that common knowledge. Anything you do to keep your brain sharp can be easily thwarted if you don’t keep your body healthy.