There are not many people who enjoy the Mondays, the depressing drive to work to start the week or the commute on the train after a long weekend of long lie’s – but what can you do to avoid those stressful Mondays and avoid the weekend blues?

It is found that the most stressful time of the week is Monday morning, and more specifically around 8 a.m – the time when most are running around the house getting ready, having breakfast before scurrying out the door to the office.

Here are our top 10 tips to avoid the Monday heart ache –

1 – Have a Bath

On the Sunday evening, take some time out to indulge in a warm bubble bath and pamper time to relax your mind and body. This could be shaving or simply lying down soaking up the bubbles ahead of a busy week.

2 – Turn your Phones and Devices off

Turn off any phones, laptop’s, iPads etc. from 8pm on Sunday. This will allow yourself some quiet time to give your mind a chance to switch off.

3 – Get a good Sleep

Finish your weekend right with a good sleep on Sunday night. Rest is incredibly important for your physical and mental wellbeing.

4 – Get Ready Early

Planning what you are going to wear the evening before can be a great help when waking up on Monday morning. This also gives you time to iron any shirts or bottoms – even better you could plan the entire week!

5 – Start off the week with Exercise

Get up early on Monday morning and go for a run or hit the gym. Exercise will help you blow off some steam and there’s nothing like endorphins for tackling stress. You’ll start your day feeling rightly smug.

6 – Have a good Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you should aim to have a healthy breakfast of slow-release carbs and protein, such as oats. However, in the morning you should try to avoid sugar, alcohol and caffeine, all of which can leave you low on energy and sluggish.

7 – Do Something During your Commute

Find a hobby that helps you relax on your commute, like reading a book or writing personal notes.

8 – Fresh Air before Work

Fresh is always good for you, try to include a brisk walk within your commute. A little fresh air and sunshine can go a long way. It will help boost your energy levels and release tension.

9 – Be Positive

Think positive thoughts, and positive outcomes are inevitable – simple!

10 – Take Time For You

Last but not least, try to schedule some happy time into your day. Block it out in your diary like you would a meeting – be it time to call a friend or family member, catch up on your favourite TV show or go for a wander round the block, use this time to take time for yourself and listen to your thoughts.