Do you know what makes you happy? Most people are lead to believe that it is down to money, power or fame. I must inform you that you should reevaluate your perception of happiness and how to achieve it. It may seem like a simple thing, to know what makes oneself happy, but for those who are more out of touch with their inner selves, who are so busy doing “the right things”, this question can be more complex than anticipated – what actually makes us happy?

Do you know your core personal values?

Your personal values are the things that you believe are important in the way you live your life from day to day. They give you a reference for what is good, beneficial, important, useful, desirable, and constructive. Once you are able to determine exactly what values are most important to you, you can better determine your priorities.

Listen and understand your body

Being able to listen to the way it reacts to certain decisions that you make for yourself. Do you get tense when you make the wrong decision, do you feel troubled when someone makes a disregard in your direction? Or what makes you feel good about yourself?

Different people find pleasure in different things. Some find it in solitude, some find it in action. A helpful way is to try out many different things and take note of what seems to resonate with you the most. Our source of happiness does not have to come from something big and ambitious. Sometimes it can be found in some of the simplest things in life.

Exercise can be a happiness factor

Many of us who lead busy and unsatisfying lifestyles often seek better in the form of exercise. Many who try it discover that physical activity makes them feel good for doing so – even something as simple as walking. These positive emotions can help you to explore happiness and open a whole new avenue into your life.