You will have heard of the habits effective people possess, this process and effect can be transferred into other areas of life – mainly your fitness and workout efforts. Each part of life will have sets of people excelling at each, but what would you say if you could alter your mindset to improve yourself. 

Men and women are wired slightly differently, but we all possess the same drive and aggression. We have sought out the 5 different mindsets women possess who are healthy and living well. 

Mindset 1 – You See Health as an Essential

It is impossible to focus on any one thing, but a healthy person will have the mindset that this is the top of their list of things to complete either daily or weekly. Not only do you see it as a main goal you need to achieve it is something that you need to achieve to complete your overall goals in living a happy life.

Mindset 2 – You can visualise purpose

This mentality is important – purpose matters, people who have a compelling ‘why’ can make do with almost any ‘how’. What would your reason be to someone if they were to ask what you do in the gym is really working and good for you? If you had the answer, which people with this mentality do, you are able to portray the importance of what you do and influence others.

Mindset 3 – You can be flexible

This is not flexible in the physical sense, more the mental sense. This flexibility can be in many sense, if you have an injury perhaps, you can cope with the change of not doing your usual workout or having to focus on different body parts. Other may be mentally challenged when it comes to food and are not able to eat certain foods as they are not strong enough to endure change for the benefits.

Mindset 4 – Your friends are healthy

Are your friends healthy? If not, your fitness regime could take a hit and it could be an uphill battle having them understand. It is said that we are the product of the five people we spend most time with. If you work a lot, this will be different as your five people may be your closest desk colleagues. Think about who is already in your circle that would emulate you, and somebody who would resent you. Sometimes, those people aren’t best to have close by and could be affecting your end goals.

Mindset 5 – You are a team player

Not only do you think of yourself, but you also think of others and how you are able to help mentally and physically. In a non judging way, are you able to be a team player and work with other people to achieve goals. Are you able to listen to advice? Many people are not a team player and are very single minded, thinking only of themselves. Healthy people are willing to share and collaborate.