With these  5 little changes in your life you can transform your mindset, physique and overall happiness in life. Many of us will fail to stick to a challenge such as losing weight or drinking less coffee, and this is more often than not down to not starting small. Going all in at first will almost set you up for inevitable failure.

Don’t Go All In

There is a certain degree of temptation to head any challenge full on. Losing weight is a great example which is so hard and one most fail at often. You may have bought or have been put on a new fitness regime by a PT or your doctor – most programmes work but going into them full blast is such a big change to many of our daily lifestyles. When you start to make small mistakes or miss workouts, it becomes a failure and results in a negative mindset downward spiral.

Here are our 5 small changes to incorporate into your life to build good habits and help your overall health.

1 – Drink a glass of water before each meal

Unless you drink 2 litres plus a day of water, this one may not be needed for you. But we can all do with drinking that little bit more water. The main reason behind that glass prior to a meal is to ease hunger and remove the temptation to eat past feeling full. Water has numerous benefits including flushing your system out and giving you better skin – it is an easy change and one with great results.

2 – Eat one super healthy meal each day

A great place to start is to find which meal you eat day is less healthy than the others. This could be a rushed lunch or dinner – eat one portion of protein that can fit in the palm of your hand alongside a hearty portion of fruit or vegetables. 

3 – Have an active lunch

You should get 45 minutes to 1 hour for lunch – do you use this to your advantage and do you even use it all up? Start using your lunch to be productive and healthy. Go for a walk, run or stretch out. If you are able to get out and shower at the end of your lunch break, great, but a short walk to the shop or around the block gets the blood flowing around your body.

4 – Make a sporting commitment

If you have a sporting obligation you are more inclined to stick to it. This can be anything from joining a gym with a friend to competing in a half marathon. If you have the risk of letting somebody down, you are less likely to fold and give in.

5 – Have fun with exercise

It would be great if we could all hit consistently high workout sessions every week but that is more often not the case. Set yourself challenges each week to try new exercises or hit a new goal. There is no fun in working out if it is the same old boring routine daily.