The hay fever season has reached us, you may be facing sneezing, itchy eyes and a runny nose – but how do you counteract it, do you simply get the over the counter medication? We have sought out the top 8 remedies to beat hay fever.

From the end of April / beginning of May, Hay fever is at its worst when the UK grass pollen season starts, and can affect 95 per cent of hay fever sufferers and will run until July. There is no definitive cure for hay fever but there are several treatments around that can relieve symptoms.

1 – Antihistamines – Preventative method

These are available as both tablets or nasal sprays and they work by blocking the action of the histamine chemical, which is what is released into the body in a hay fever reaction. Antihistamines can either be taken days prior to hay fever as a preventative or on days when reactions are bad.

2 – Nasal decongestants – Clear blocked nose

Your hay fever may be cause a blocked nose, and taking a nasal contestant can be helpful as they will often have an anti-inflammatory effect which helps to reduce the swelling of blood vessels surrounding the nose.

3 – Corticosteroid Sprays and Drops – Preventative method

These steroid treatments are found to be most effective if you start taking them a couple of weeks before symptoms start – if you are an annual hay fever sufferer you will be able to tell when the season will effect you. 

4 – Eye Drops

One of the symptoms of hay fever is itchy and red eyes – eye drops will help to treat these and bring the redness down. 

5 – Cellulose powder nasal Spray

Many remedies for hay fever can leave you feeling drowsy, which is not ideal. Most cellulose powder spray have no side effects and are non drowsy. When sprayed into the nose, it will form a protective gel layer, creating a barrier to allergens related to hay fever.

Above all else, you should speak to your GP for full advice catered to you. 

Do you have any more remedies that you use for hay fever?